Increase Productivity

Master 35® Tool Carrier

There are three versions available for use on Narrow, Standard and Broad Gauge track.

Reduce Manual Handling…

The Master 35® Tool Carrier is designed to be used with the Master 35® Petrol Impact Wrench but they can also be used with other power tools including the Maxim Pneumatic Rusty Clip Remover.

Using the Master Impact Wrench, Accessories and Tool Carrier together reduces vibration by over 30%, reduces manual handling, is easy and quick to use. It also improves operator comfort and increases productivity.

Increase Productivity…

  • Adjustable arm for use with different weight tools.
  • Can be assembled/dismantled in a few minutes without the use
    of tools.
  • Use vertically or horizontally by changing Accessory.
  • Main Body can be locked down for safe transportation.
  • Insulated Wheels.
  • Can be inclined up to 5°
  • Simple wheel brake

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The Details

Technical Specification

Ref. Track Gauge Notes
1750.0100 Standard 1435mm
1750.9999 Broad 1600 and 1676mm Same as Standard but with longer Bar
1750.0090 Narrow 1000 and 1067mm Standard Frame with a shorter Bar and a heavier Wheel for stability
An optional Deadman Handle Braking System can be fitted on request
Weight in Kgs
Wheel Assembly Standard 1435mm
Cross bar Broad 1600 and 1676mm
Main Frame Narrow 1000 and 1067mm
TOTAL Narrow 1000 and 1067mm
The narrow Gauge version weighs an extra 5.8 Kgs
Dimensions Assembled in mm
Length 1080
Width 1625
Height Open Closed
870 440